Where to Find the Finest Matcha

In the health-conscious era we live in, the allure of matcha green tea is undeniable. However, for enthusiasts, finding the purest matcha remains a pursuit. To fully enjoy the benefits of matcha, including its detoxifying effects and abundant antioxidants, one must seek out premium-quality varieties.

Essential Factors for Selecting Matcha

When choosing matcha, consider these five critical aspects: solubility, taste, grade, sourcing, and colour.

- Solubility: High-quality matcha powder dissolves completely in water with minimal effort, a testament to its meticulous processing and optimal solubility.

- Taste: Premium matcha should offer a robust, flavourful experience without bitterness, requiring no added sugars.

- Grade: Ceremonial-grade matcha represents the pinnacle of quality and flavour, while culinary-grade may be more suited for baking.

- Sourcing: The best matcha powder comes from organic, baby tencha leaves, ensuring a product free from heavy metals and radiation.

- Colour: High-quality matcha has a vibrant emerald green hue, indicating its organic nature and pristine sourcing.

Matcha Made Tea embodies these qualities, offering matcha with exceptional solubility, ceremonial-grade quality, and unparalleled taste, sourced organically from Japan.


Prioritising quality and purity in your matcha selection unlocks its full potential. Choose Matcha Made for an unparalleled matcha experience that delights the senses and nourishes the body.

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