Matcha FAQs

What is matcha?

In short, matcha is a super-powered green tea that delivers clean, efficient energy. Packed with a high concentration of L-theanine - which regulates caffeine uptake - our matcha delivers a smooth buzz that won’t leave you jittery.

What are the health benefits of drinking matcha?

4-6 hours of mellow, sustained energy. 100x the antioxidants of coffee per serving. Matcha is full of two antioxidants in particular, catechins and polyphenol, proven to lower blood pressure, good cholesterol and reduce cancer risk. Offers a major metabolic boost. Immune-boosting Vitamin C. Rich in fibre and oxygenating chlorophyll.

Can I have more than one serving of matcha per day?

Yes! We recommend you drink up to 3 servings per day.

General FAQs.

Are your products gluten free, dairy free and vegan?


Does Matcha Made use artificial sweeteners, fillers or blinders?

Our Pure Matcha is completely pure and 100% organic. Our flavoured products contain organic coconut sugar.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are made and manufactured in New Zealand and the United States using imported matcha from Uji, Japan.

Where should I store my Matcha Made products?

We recommend storing your matcha in a cool, dark area away from moisture and sunlight.

Delivery, Refunds & Subscription FAQs.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds for damaged or faulty goods only. Please reach out to us with information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you wish. Just go to My Account, then Manage Subscriptions and click Remove.

Can I add a discount code on top of my subscription discount?

Unfortunately a discount code cannot be added on top of a subscription discount.

What if I want to change the flavour or product on my subscription?

Just email us and we can amend that for you.

What if I need to change my delivery adress?

Just go to My Account, click Manage Subscriptions and change it under Billing Information.